Biodiversity Protection

Strengthening biodiversity and ecosystems

EU policies have reaffirmed the importance of protected areas for the conservation of biological diversity. This thematic in the Interreg MED Programme aims at strengthening the management capacities and networking of protected areas, to adapt and improve protection measures to preserve the biodiversity of protected natural coastal and marine ecosystems. It also includes a better integration of protected areas in regional development strategies (exchange of information, strategies, regulations, etc.).


Projects’ objective should be, for example, to improve conservation status, water management, fight against invasive species and monitoring of fishing and tourism activities

Types of actions

Analysis, studies, policy-planning and strategy development, but also on transfer of practices and policy implementing measures. 

Key target groups

Public authorities, protected areas management bodies, fisherman, but also associations and NGO’s, research bodies, and to some extent enterprises.

What results does the Programme target for 2014-2020?
  • 36 joint governance plans
  • 1,25 M hectares of surface of habitats supported to attain a better conservation status
  • 50 protected areas engaged (through charters, protocols, MoU) in implementing management strategies